Redesigning the Front of a House to Improve Curb Appeal

Last Updated on November 9, 2020

On numerous occasions, I have been hired to perform the task of redesigning the front of a house. In nearly all cases, the client had purchased a stock house plan where they like the house floor plan but hated the front elevation design. This is common when dealing with stock plans. However, the request for my elevation design services came after the future homeowner had a set of custom plans drawn.

Creating a custom home design, with the help of a professional building designer, should render the desired results you are looking for. However, in this case, the opposite was true…at least as far as the front elevation is concerned. What makes this project even more unique is the fact that the footings for the foundation had already been poured. This means that time was of the essence and my ability to consider offsets on the facade were limited.

After meeting with the clients, I developed an understanding for what style of architecture they were looking for. I’d assured the couple that I would be able to deliver. After all, redesigning the front of a house is something I’ve done countless times over my career. I was still met with skepticism nonetheless.

Redesigning the front of a house with a new architectural style

The chosen style of architecture was Tudor. The current elevation was far from a English Tudor elevation design or any style for that matter. Below are the two elevations in which I had to work from in order to recreate the home’s “true front elevation” facade.

redesigning the front of a house
Left elevation of the home design
redesigning the front of a house
Labeled as the front elevation, but really is the right elevation.

The missing true front elevation should be the plans 5th elevation. It should have been drawn at a view where the left and right (front labeled) side elevations are at angles. The front porch and door should have faced forward as if your were looking at it straight on. In the bigger picture, it is a minor issue. However, it’s better to have that additional elevation on homes designed with angled entries.

Preliminary sketch and finished design

I developed a preliminary design of the front entry in a Tudor inspired architecture theme. The ideas were formulated with a client interview and photos. My clients were thrilled at the preliminary results. They only had minor changes and questions that needed to be addressed. Below you will find my preliminary design sketch.

redesigning the front of a house
Harrison entry design proposal

Once this preliminary was approved, I moved forward with drawing a true front elevation view. This was done in order to provide clarity and consistency. Below is the finish design of the front elevation transformation.

redesigning the front of a house
Harrison front elev design

Redesigning the front of a house can be unthinkable to the average person. It can be very difficult to see pass the existing look of the original design. However, don’t be limited by what you can’t see. Seek out the help of a Professional Building Designer to come up with a curb appealing solution. Together you and the designer can turn an average elevation into a work of art.

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