Interviewing Building Designers For Home Design Services

Many people who are in the market to build a new home find a perfect answer in stock house plans. On the other hand, there are others out there who want a custom floor plan design layout and need the services of a building designer. Choosing this route requires a little investigating to decide who will be the person you put faith in, to complete the perfect house plans to build your dream home. Interviewing building designers will be critical for you. At this point you must be wondering how to decide on a home designer to design your home? Should you use an Architect or a Building Designer? I will attempt to help you answer these questions by providing an outline of things you should ask when interviewing building designers or residential architects.

Before you do anything, you must first check with co-workers, friends, and family to get as many referrals as possible. This is an excellent starting point! In addition to referrals, consider searching online doing a local search for Architects, Building Designers, House Plan Designers, or Residential Designers. These titles may be different in your area but should get you started on the right path. Finally, consider searching the web for  architectural design firms outside of your area. If a local designer is not available, consider working with a design professional who is outside of your state.

Questions to ask when interviewing Building Designers for home design services

When you narrow down your choices for a design professional, it is then time to schedule appointments for one on one consultations. As far as the consultation is concerned, you should focus on a few important aspects with each design candidate. Don’t worry about which question comes first just make sure that you ask and get an answer that you can feel good about. Below are some questions you should focus on when interviewing building designers for home design services.

    1. Ask the building designer about their experiences and time within the home design field.
    2. Ask to see samples of previous works. (a sample plan set, pictures of built designs, etc.)
    3. Find out if your local county or state requires an Architect stamped house plans.
    4. See if they have any references. In addition to what is provided by the designer, check online for more reviews that may have been posted by other clients.
    5. Inquire about professional organizations they may be a part of.
    6. Does the designer actively seek continuing education in their field of work? In most cases this answer is usually a yes given the fact that architects and designers have to stay current with codes and new products in order to stay ahead.
    7. See if the designer has a contract agreement in reference to their house plan design services.
    8. What will it cost? Do not disregard that looming question. Be aware of what is expected in home plan design fees and the associated design services. (Note: Prepare yourself with some basic information about house plan design services and related cost before talking with a design professional so as to have an idea on your budget for these services.) The cost can vary and so does the experiences and talent level.

Key take away

There are likely to be more questions that you will have when interviewing architects or building designers. However, the aforementioned is critical in helping you to decide whether to hire a Home designer or an Architect. Be mindful of the fact that you will spend several weeks or months working with this house plan designer. Choose someone who you will feel relaxed around and who will feel comfortable working with you.

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

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