Laundry Room Location In Home Designs

Washing and drying cloths is a frequent routine for every homeowner. So it goes without saying, although I will, that you should plan for the best laundry room location in your home design. It’s all apart of designing the perfect floor plan. Where you choose to place the room and how much space is needed depends on your approach to doing laundry. Regional lifestyles can also determine the location of this room as well. Regardless of the laundry room location in home designs, make sure that it fits flawlessly within the design and traffic patterns of your floor plan layout. Now let’s take a look at where you can design a laundry room location in your home.

Laundry room location in home

The Basement Laundry

This area applies to homes that are not on a slab or crawlspace foundation. Truthfully speaking, the laundry being located in the basement is largely regional. States in the northeast and mid-west typically plan for the laundry room location to be in the basement. The good thing about this is that you have unlimited space to design a nice laundry work space. There is room to design work stations to sort cloths, pre-rinse, launder, iron, and fold. Adding a television to the space is icing on the cake.

Laundry in the Kitchen

We don’t all live in a large sprawling home with plenty of square footage. For the small homes, space is a premium and the laundry room location is at the bottom of the list. In cases such as this, the kitchen is often a place where you can include a laundry closet. It doesn’t have to be very big, just large enough to hold a washer and dryer and perhaps shelving or wall cabinets to store washing and drying accessory items. A minimum space of six feet in width and three feet in depth is all that is needed.

The Laundry Near the Garage and Mudroom

Probably the most desired option is to have the laundry room location in the service area of the house. This area generally include the garage, kitchen, mudroom, and service entrance to the home. An ideal concept would be to design the mudroom as a buffer with immediate access to the kitchen and to a separate laundry. You can do laundry and still not be far from the activities of family gatherings typically tied to the kitchen/ family room area. As in the case of the basement scenario, you can design the room to do many task related to laundry chores.

Sleeping Area Laundry Location

The sleep zone is not the best laundry room location due to noise. However, some homeowners are willing to accept a little noise for convenience. With a one story or ranch type home, this location is rarely used. In two story homes, it is a lot more common because homeowners would rather not have to drag clothes up and down the stairs traveling back and forth to the laundry room. The upstairs laundry can be tucked in a designated closet or it can be a room with work stations. It all depends on the amount of square footage you are willing or able to provide for the space.

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